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Where It Began The early days

When I found out I was pregnant I immediately imagined my baby’s room: the cot, change table, artwork, chair, and some funky sheets. I was able to find everything on the list except for the funky sheets.

I searched various online marketplaces but the shipping to Hong Kong doubled the price of the sheet. I eventually had sheets made and it started me thinking “are there other parents in Hong Kong in the same situation?”

Bright Baby Bedding combines style, current trends, and ease of online shopping delivered to your door.

What Does Bright Value? The company's mission and vision

Before starting Bright I worked in operations for a large US firm. I’d always dreamed of having my own business but was waiting for the idea that made the risk of quitting and creating a start up worth it.

Bright will always support local Hong Kong business and local people; for example, all of the material used in our Bright Cotton range is purchased from markets around Hong Kong, and the sheets are hand-made by a local seamstress.

I want to give back as much as possible to a country which has embraced me with open arms for the last 7 years.

I married a born and bred Hong Konger and we had our son, Lucas, here in February 2015.